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H. Jesse Walker, In Memoriam

By Jennifer A. Cramer The Center was honored to take part in the H. Jesse Walker Honorary Symposium and 14th Annual Evelyn Pruitt Lecture held on campus on January 15, 2016, to honor LSU Boyd Professor H. Jesse Walker who

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Louisiana Loses Noted Historian, Michael Mizell-Nelson

Louisiana has truly lost a great man, an advocate for public history, and a beloved University of New Orleans professor. Michael Mizell-Nelson died at the age of forty-nine this week in New Orleans. He had a passion for the city’s history

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“As I walked in water up to my chest I promised that … I would never again get caught in a storm.”

Stories and memories keep events alive so that we might learn and become stronger and smarter for the next time we face adversity. The Center holds several oral history collections documenting events like Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Audrey, and Betsy, and

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Jumpstart Your Studies With Help From Oral History

Welcome back, LSU students! From freshmen to seasoned graduate students, we wish you well in your academic endeavors this semester. As classes get underway, you’ll soon have papers due and project deadlines looming. Get a jumpstart on your studies with

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