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“Holding the Welfare of Three Million People in Your Hands”: The British Voices from South Asia Series

By Erin M. Hess Today marks the sixty-seventh anniversary of the Indian Independence Act of 1947, and the establishment of India and Pakistan as sovereign nations after nearly ninety years of British rule. Happy Independence Day to all who are

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“Let’s Go. Regardless.” Ralph Sims’ D-Day Bomber Missions

Seventy years ago this week, the liberation of Europe began with the largest invasion force ever assembled. The costs and risks of attacking the most heavily defended coastline in the world were high, and there was no Plan B. Over

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Newly Available Interviews From The McKinley High Series

The early part of the year celebrates Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  To honor both, we’d like to share some content from the Williams Center’s collections as a reminder that women have been the backbone of social movements,

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Walker Percy Festival Oral Histories

The Williams Center is proud to partner with Country Roads magazine’s executive editor, James Fox-Smith, to conduct oral history interviews in conjunction with the Walker Percy Literary Festival, being held June 6-8 in St. Francisville, LA.   For more information on the interview

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