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Jumpstart Your Studies With Help From Oral History

Welcome back, LSU students! From freshmen to seasoned graduate students, we wish you well in your academic endeavors this semester. As classes get underway, you’ll soon have papers due and project deadlines looming. Get a jumpstart on your studies with

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The Telling Tide: Inception to Completion of the Louisiana Sea Grant Coastal Change Oral Histories Project

By Darcy Wilkins Hi! My name is Darcy Wilkins and I am a Research Associate at Louisiana Sea Grant. As part of a collaboration between Louisiana Sea Grant and  the LSU Williams Center for Oral History, I’m in charge of

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What Have We Been Up To Lately? Coastal Change, Oral History Association, and Trauma Talk

It’s been a very busy semester!  Below are a few of the projects that the Williams Center has been working on lately. Louisiana Sea Grant (LASG) has invited the Williams Center to partner with them on an exciting new oral

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