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Oral History Review on OUP Blog: Interview with Director About Oral Histories in Disaster Zones

Greetings, everyone! Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Caitlin Tyler-Richards for the Oral History Review Oxford University Press blog.  Caitlin is the editorial/ media assistant at the Oral History Review, and for this post, she was particularly interested in how historians

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“We Watched Everything Wash Away” Part 2: Hurricane Katrina

EPISODE 9     (27:49) Almost everyone in Louisiana has a story to tell about a hurricane.  Be it Audrey or Betsy, Andrew or Katrina, Rita or Gustav.  In the podcast we did last year to celebrate the end of hurricane season,

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“We Watched Everything Wash Away” Part 1: Storms, Floods, and Levee Breaks

EPISODE 3   (26:40) Hurricane season officially ended this past week! To celebrate the close of an uneventful season (thanks, El Nino!), the Center’s latest podcast centers around topics that are never far from the thoughts of those of us who

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What Endures

Welcome to the blog and podcast for the Williams Center for Oral History. Our goal is to provide updates on Center projects and activities as well as to share with you on a regular basis audio excerpts from our collection.

The Center launched the first episode of the Podcast on Oct 1, 2009. Subsequent podcasts will be posted approximately once a month.

Please join us in our celebration, contemplation, and commemoration of What Endures!


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