Oral History Association (OHA) 47th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Cover of the 2013 OHA Annual Meeting Program

The Oral History Association’s 47th Annual Meeting takes place this year at the historic Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The meeting is scheduled for October 9-13, focusing on the theme “Hidden Stories, Contested Truths:  The Craft of Oral History.”

The Williams Center will be presenting twice at the conference, and both panels are scheduled on Friday, October 11. The first is a roundtable on campus oral history programs, and the second is a session titled, “New Answers to Old Questions in the Digital Age.”  You will also find Center director, Jennifer A. Cramer, donning her Media Review Editor hat at the Oral History Review table in the Exhibits room, located in the Skirvin’s Crystal Room, on Thursday and Friday.

The 2013 Conference Program is available online, and more information on the panels we’re involved with is below:


Roundtable:  Campus Oral History Programs   Friday, Oct 11, 10:15-11:45 AM

Chair and Moderator, Stephen Sloan, Baylor University

Panelists:  Jennifer Abraham Cramer, Louisiana State University; Mary Larson, Oklahoma Oral History Research Program; Troy Reeves, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Stephen Sloan, Baylor University; Teresa Barnett, UCLA Library Center for Oral History Research


New Answers to Old Questions in the Digital Age   Friday, Oct 11, 3:45-5:15 PM

Chair and Commentator: Jennifer Abraham Cramer, Louisiana State University

Giving Form to the Spoken Word:  Editing Transcripts with the BUIOH Style Guide – Michelle Holland, Baylor University Institute for Oral History

Orality and Information-Seeking Behavior: How Does the Information-Seeking Behavior of Oral Historians Affect the Interviews They Produce? – John Yackulics, Florida State University

Oral History in the Digital Age (OHDA) Project at 1 – Dean Rehberger, Michigan State University

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