Williams Center Featured on BackStory Radio

Recently, the Williams Center was featured on Backstory With the American History Guys in a story about the Mississippi River!

Eric Mennel was the producer for the piece and Emily Charnock, Assistant Producer for this Virginia Foundation for the Humanities show had this to say about the episode:

“Oral history plays a starring role in the latest episode of BackStory – a public radio program that explores major ideas, themes, and features of American life through three centuries of history.  The episode looks to the history of the Mississippi River, and includes a segment on the Great Flood of 1927 – told from the perspective of some of those who survived it.  We are incredibly grateful to Jennifer Abraham Cramer of the Williams Center at LSU, whose work enabled us to bring the voices and stories of these survivors to our listeners. Jennifer also did an amazing job contextualizing the stories told in the piece, and really conveyed the unique contribution that oral history can make to our understanding of the past, and why this work is so important.  It’s a wonderful segment and we hope you’ll have chance to take a listen – it’s available at http://backstoryradio.org/shows/that-lawless-stream/?segments=remembering-the-rising-tide. You can also listen to the whole episode at http://backstoryradio.org/shows/that-lawless-stream/.  And please do keep an eye on BackStory’s “In the Works” page, where we post topics for upcoming episodes (and seek ideas for new ones):  http://backstoryradio.org/in-the-works/. We know there are other amazing stories out there that you are recording, preserving, and curating – we would love to help you share them!”

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Eric and with BackStory.  Their sophisticated production and audio engineering really brought the oral histories to life, and the premise of their show to connect recent and past events in a dynamic way is just ripe for oral history content!


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