Podcasting from the OHA Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio: An Interview with Louisiana Sea Grant’s Darcy Wilkins

EPISODE 14  (7:57)


Louisiana Sea Grant Research Associate, Darcy Wilkins

Today’s episode features an interview with Darcy Wilkins, who is the Research Associate in charge of the Louisiana Sea Grant Coastal Change Oral Histories Project. The interview takes place during the Oral History Association (OHA) Annual Meeting that was held in Cleveland, Ohio, in October of this year. Darcy was a first-time conference attendee and is new member of the Oral History Association.

In this interview with Williams Center Director, Jennifer Abraham Cramer, and Manuscript Processor, Erin Hess, Darcy talks about how the conference was helpful to her as a budding oral historian, especially the film workshop she attended headed by documentary filmmaker, Molly Merryman. Darcy also discusses the ongoing Sea Grant oral history project, the importance of engaging students to document their cultural and physical environment, and her own film making experience.


This episode was co-produced by Jennifer Abraham Cramer and Jenn Tiegs. Tiegs is the audio engineer. Special thanks to Germain Bienvenu and Gina Costello.



Courtesy of Darcy Wilkins



King, Freddie, interview by Tatiana Clay and Eric Julien, audio recording, 2008, 4700.1921.  Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


This podcast is copyrighted by LSU Libraries Special Collections.

For a full transcript of the podcast, please contact Jennifer A. Cramer at jabrah1@lsu.edu.


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